Some impressions from my fieldwork last week at Reykjanes
in areas of sea floor spreading between ocean and land.

Molding …

Thanks for helping me to Dina Lueken, Ela Herpich and Sabine Tusche!

Frottage some days later …

The final presentation of the SÍM-May-2018-Artists at SÍM Gallery, Reykjavik

‘drift (18/08/01)’, DIN A2, graphite on stonepaper

At the end of the month it turns out to be the wettest May of the last hundred years.



working on a Mid-Atlantic Ridge last weekend

‘drift (18/05/01)’, Graphit auf Steinpapier, DIN A2


Photos me working: Katinka Theis

some impressions from my trip along the southeast the last days

Anna Maltschnig, Miriam, Minseop Yoon, Bo Kim, Kati Gausmann


Longing for fieldwork, I have to deal with rain,, periods of snows and winks of sun.

My residency at SÍM-studiohouse in Reykjavik, Iceland in May 2018 has started,
enabled by Senat Berlin/ international cultural exchange program / global grant 2018.

now online:

online exhibition EGDE EFFECTS – CAN – Center for Art and Nature, Farrera, Spain

Please find in chapter 1 and 6 works from my project “dancing dough and circmstances”
which developed during my residency in Farrera in March and April 2017


SÍM-residency in Reykjavik, Iceland, spring 2018
enabled by Senat Berlin/ international cultural exchange program / global grant


some impressions from the EDGE EFFECTS opening on June 17th 2017

works from my project dancing dough and circumstances
frottage, molding, plane and uncoiled latex-print on paper and perspex, photography

vitrine with sketchbooks and photography from the working process

Ráðhildur Ingadóttir: installation, video

Richard Skelton: Centre for Alterity Studies