about this blog

This blog is published due to german artist Kati Gausmann’s participation in the Frontiers in Retreat programme – Multidisciplinary Approaches to Ecology in Contemporary Art (2013 – 2018).

about my work

In my art I am concerned with movement, rhythm and action as form-generating processes and with recording patterns of movement as spatio-temporal phenomena.

In different materials, I explore how form evolves from movement.

Movement forms – the form emerges according to the material, sometimes fleetingly during an action, or as a fixed trace: a heap of clothes, a fabric, a drawing. Expansions in space or across a flat surface in which movements and rhythms remain legible.

My artistic method is oriented on processes. It combines acts of drawing, installation and performance.

I usually work with clear experimental set-ups, which relate to a theme and / or a place. I choose a system of reference, create set-ups for actions and operate in the intermediate field of referential parameters.

Theoretical investigations always attend my practical work. Artistic expeditions are a part of my working method.




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